Listed below are known issues. Like most books of this size, a few items slipped through the editing process, my apologies.

The errors listed here only apply to the first edition of my Stalingrad book. After a complete re-edit, a second edition was released in May 2019 which addressed these and other issues.

Due to a global search and replace error on my part (twice), the words Motorized and Casualties are misspelled throughout the book.

On Page 177, the line should read: Kalach also just happened to be the main German supply line crossing point over the Don River. 

On page 255, the line should read: substituted the 29 RD, 38 RD and the 422 RD.

Also on page 261, Appendix 12 – it should read: Estimated Combat Strength, not Ration Strength – for the 64th Army and Group Chuikov.

Page 261, Appendix 12 – the line should read: Three Zhytomyr Cadet Rifle Regiments – 6,000 (2,000 each)